Our Senior Occupational Therapists, Deborah Thomas, is back due to popular demand! We are hosting another ‘Introduction into Qigong’ in March 2018. Make sure to RSVP to 9317 7932 or send us an email at info@wizetherapy.com.au to secure your place.
Here’s a bit more information on Deborah and this Wize Workshop:
In 2015, Deborah successfully completed the Child Therapist and Parent Training course for Qigong Sensory Training. This allows her to be a trainer and crucial support for families using this massage protocol, and she is currently the only trainer in WA!
The Qigong Sensory Protocol (QST) is a massage protocol for children with ASD and those with sensory challenges, as well as for children with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. It is a parent-led patting massage designed to improve circulation of the skin and the rest of the body, which is quite different from western massage.
Primary studies in QST have shown:
  • Decreases in sensory, sleep and digestion issues.
  • Increases in daily living skills such as toileting and tooth brushing.
  • Increases in sensory and emotional regulation.
  • Increases in social skills and language.
  • Improvements in motor development.

Click here to read Deborah’s blog post on ‘What is Qigong Sensory Training?’