WizeTherapy provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology to young children with disability. The team has extensive experience in working with children with specific diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Global Developmental Delay, Fragile X and other chromosomal disorders. Therapy services involves the provision of specialised services for infants, toddlers and children with developmental delay or an identified disability to maximise their participation in their chosen family, school and community activities.

Specialised Assessment
A specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs may be carried out by one or more therapists from the Wize Therapy team in order to establish priorities for supports. Assessment may be carried out across the areas of general development and play, sensory exploration and processing, language and communication, fine motor development, mobility and movement, personal care, social skills and interpersonal interactions and community living.

For young children and children attending primary school we offer:

• Holistic and thorough assessment of child development within the family and community context.
• Comprehensive language and communication assessment and, if appropriate, recommendations for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).
• Mobility assessment and, if appropriate, recommendations for mobility aids.
• Sensory exploration and sensory processing and, if appropriate, recommendations for aids and equipment.
• Fine motor, visual motor and visual perceptual assessment and, if appropriate, recommendations for aids and equipment
• Assessment of independence skills in a range of self-care areas such as eating and drinking, (including swallowing), toileting, and dressing.
• Assessment of buildings and homes and recommendations for modifications to enable access and optimal function within these environments.
• Assessment of the school environment and recommendations to enhance participation.

WizeTherapy also has speech pathology and clinical psychology services available to carry our diagnostic assessments for families seeking to determine if their child has Autism.

Therapy Services
• Therapists will work with you in a Family Centred Model of service delivery promoting collaboration and partnership with your family and the child at the centre of all decision making
• A key worker/therapist works with your child and family to provide information and help you set goals and coordinate services
• Blocks of individual therapy sessions targeting specific goals eg in communication, mealtime skills, fine motor skills, mobility, balance, planning and organisation, social skills, gross motor skills.
• Community visits to identify and utilise opportunities for generalisation of skill development within different settings, that is, home, school, and community groups.
• Recommendations for specialised equipment or modifications to the environment.
• Group therapy sessions
• Consultation with others working closely with your child, for example, teachers.

Our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology  services can be accessed at our Booragoon, Atwell and Kelmscott clinics.

For more information on our services for children and babies, please click on the link below or contact us and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to answer your questions or book your consultation.

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