We pride ourselves on delivering services which meet evidence-based best practices for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our Senior Occupational Therapist Deborah Thomas is now qualified to provide a new intervention for children with ASD, which has recently had strong positive outcomes, published twice in the Autism Research and Treatment Journal, 2015.

Qigong Sensory Protocol is a protocol of massage which has been developed over the course of 14 years and 10 peer-reviewed research studies and is based on Chinese medicine. Qigong massage has been used for over 3000 years to treat medical conditions and improve health in children.

The Qigong Sensory Protocol (QST) is a protocol for children with ASD and sensory challenges and is a patting massage designed to improve circulation of the skin and the rest of the body, which is quite different from western massage. The direction of the massage is done away from the head, towards the hands and feet, and thus follows the direction of blood flow and brings oxygenated blood to the skin and sensory nerves.

Chinese medicine believes that children with ASD and sensory challenges are often less aware of their environment and of their bodies because they have blockages in the sensory channels which affect the way that a child can take in information from the environment. The goal of QST is to clear the blockages to the senses so that the child becomes more aware and is then able to learn.

Primary studies in QST have shown:

  • Decreases in sensory, sleep and digestion issues
  • Increases in living skills such as toileting and tooth brushing
  • Decreases in autistic behaviours
  • Increases in social skills and language

Deborah Thomas, one of our senior occupational therapists, has successfully completed the Child Therapist and Parent Training course for Qigong Sensory Training, which allows her to be a trainer and crucial support for families using this sensory protocol. Wize Therapy offer Qigong at our Atwell and Booragoon locations.

For more information on this exciting intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families please contact Deborah Thomas at WizeTherapy on (08) 9317 7932. You can also visit the QST website at www.qsti.org.