WizeTherapy is offering a Pilates movement program that offers both land based and reformer exercises for children as young as 2 years of age. Our program allows children to work efficiently with improved motor control. The program is ideal for children with hypermobility, motor co-ordination difficulties, hypotonia, movement modulation difficulties, reduced kinaesthetic feedback or general weakness.

Additional complimentary neurodevelopmental approaches combined with reformer based exercise can also be beneficial for children with neuromuscular conditions.

Designed by Wize Therapy’s, Senior Physiotherapist, Jodie Kariyawasam, this important clinical intervention for children and young adults uses a specially modified Pilates Reformer to improve mobility, function and participation in activities of daily living and in the community.

The Reformer is comprised of a movable platform that has a series of pulleys and springs attached, enabling users to perform assistive or resistive exercise sequences across a variety of positions and through multidirectional planes of movement.

Most importantly, it’s so much fun, children are asking to come back again… and again.

For more information on our clinical Pilates service, please contact us and one of our friendly staff will answer your questions or book your consultation.

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