Wize Therapy strongly believes that feedback, including complaints, suggestions and compliments, are crucial to ensuring effective and high quality service delivery and the continual improvement of services and systems.

What kind of feedback can you give?

A Complaint
A complaint is feedback you give us if you are unhappy with our service and you would like us to try to find a solution
A Suggestion or Compliment
A suggestion or compliment is an opportunity for you to share a comment, opinion or way to improve, and you do not need a solution.

Ways to help us improve

  • Discuss the issue or suggestion with the staff member who is directly involved.
  • Discuss the issue with a Manager.
  • Complete a Complaints and Feedback Notification Form. You can request this form via emailing us on info@wizetherapy.com.au, or you can get one from the Wize Therapy clinic.
  • Your phone calls, letters, emails or a facsimile are also welcome.

Can someone help me give feedback?

You can choose a support person to assist you with your complaint or feedback. This person can be a friend, family member, staff member or an advocate from another organisation.

What will happen?

Wize Therapy is committed to resolving complaints in an ethical, confidential, timely, transparent and fair way.
We view feedback as a positive opportunity to improve the quality of our services and operations, and to strengthen relationships with our clients and with our community.

Complaints are treated confidentially. Only the people who need to help find a resolution will be involved. Wize Therapy’s Quality Review Committee ensures the processes are followed in an appropriate and timely manner.
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