WizeTherapy is a registered NDIS provider for:

  • Specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs
  • Assistive technology specialist assessment, set up and training
  • Early intervention supports for early childhood
  • Therapeutic support


Across Australia, The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has commenced in various launch sites. This is a different way of providing support to individuals and families living with disability, where the individual/ family has choice, control and flexibility around accessing supports. Funding, where required, is provided to individuals (‘individualised funding’) rather than to organisations (‘block funding’).

The Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments signed an agreement in order to start a two-year trial of the NDIS in Western Australia. This trial commenced in the Perth Hills in July 2014.

This trial is occurring alongside the State Government’s WA NDIS My Way model which has commenced in the Lower South West region with the Cockburn-Kwinana area joining in July 2015.

Trialing both schemes will mean service users and families will ultimately be the beneficiaries of the best possible delivery model for Western Australia, with an independent evaluation occurring on both trial schemes.

Developing an Individualised Plan is central to the NDIS process and will be one of the first things undertaken with the assistance of a planner. This plan is then used to determine what sorts of supports you might require and whether there are any funded supports as part of that plan. Therapy would be considered a funded support.

WizeTherapy is a registered service provider under the NDIS for the Hills trial site, this means that you can choose to access Wize for therapy support. Families can also ask to have therapists from Wize involved in the development of your Individual Plan to help ensure it captures all of the support being provided and that it reflects your goals and aspirations.

If you live in the Perth Hills click on the link below for more information on available NDIS services.

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