Group sessions on-site

Our therapists have expertise in running group sessions in the classroom, focusing on targeting skill areas (eg. pencil grip, story re-tell, gross motor play), in liaison with the classroom teacher, for a set number of sessions. For example, the OT may run a fine motor group targeting pencil grips, 45 minutes weekly, for 5 weeks. The groups are planned, organised and run by the therapist, and support the curriculum.

Individual student assessments

WizeTherapy therapists can complete individual student assessments related directly to access to the curriculum, eg. Assessments in High School to support Curriculum Council applications; literacy and processing assessments across all ages; or sensory processing assessments across all ages. These assessments can be completed on-site (travel costs will be additional) at the school, or in the clinic rooms in Booragoon.

On-site therapy sessions

Our team of therapists are able to provide individual sessions on-site during school hours. In order to offer this service, we would require a minimum number of families who would be interested in this service (eg. 6-10 families interested in speech pathology sessions on-site, or 6-10 families interested in occupational therapy sessions on-site). The contract can be either between the family and WizeTherapy, with the school providing space and basic equipment (desks and chairs) for the therapy to be carried-out; or a contract with the school for a certain hours of therapy provision per week.

Holiday groups

Holiday Groups can be held and facilitated by our therapists. These groups are run under the supervision of a trained therapist and are designed to address developmental concerns affecting school participation and performance, eg. literacy development, social skills, sensory regulation skills.


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