As a teenager growing up, a lot is changing.

  • Your body and hormones change.
  • You start wanting to become more independent.
  • You might feel like hanging out with your friends more often.
  • You might have to choose subjects at school and start thinking what work you want to do. On second thoughts, maybe you just have to choose subjects for school… Work can wait!
  • Maybe you want a part-time job or volunteer?
  • You might like to try a new hobby or sport?


Being a teenager is trying out new experiences, new behaviours and new ideas. It is a time of transition and marks the years between being a child and being an adult. If you’re a teenager and have a disability, sometimes there can be additional things to tackle.

But becoming an adult and becoming independent is not about having to do EVERYTHING for yourself. It’s about knowing when to ask for help. It’s about starting to become proactive. It’s about taking more responsibility for yourself.

Here are my top tips of links for all you teenagers, who live in Perth, Western Australia – apart from coming to see us at WizeTherapy, of course!   We can help get you on the track towards your own goals.  Come and tell us about them and let’s work on this together!

Check out these websites (click on the headings for the links)…


ILC WA (The Independent Living Centre of WA)  – Advice about AT & Equipment to assist; Driving Service; ILC Hire

Posture Tech

CP Tech 

Motum – Posture, eating & mobility.


Befriend   – An organisation that is all about connecting with other people and doing fun stuff together in WA.

Meetups near Perth– Share with people having the same interests.


WADSA (WA Disabled Sports Association Inc)

Inclusion WA

DADAA  (Disability & Disadvantage in the Arts) – DADAA offers targeted arts & cultural programs – traditional and new media projects in almost 50 WA communities.

EDUCATION Secondary & Tertiary

Applications for Special Examination Arrangements – WA School & Curriculum Authority

UniAccess – Disability Services

WA Government Department of Training and Workforce Development


Driving Occupational Therapy Service

ILC WA (The Independent Living Centre of WA)  – Driving Service

Transperth – Search disability for lots of information about buses, trains, assistance and accessibility.


Centrelink & Department of Human Services (including Job Capacity Assessments)

Job Capacity Assessments for DSP (Disability Support Pension)


Here’s my challenge to you…

What’s your goal?

What websites can you find that help you?

Please let me know… I’m interested!


Written by Andrea Brown
Illustrations by Andrea Brown
Senior Occupational Therapist