Walking, riding or scootering to school with your child is a great way to teach healthy activity habits from a young age! We do however live very busy lives and we find ourselves driving our children to school more than ever. Less than half of children who live less than a 15-minute walk from school, don’t walk. Let’s change this!

Walking to school with a parent or guardian can:

  • Provide opportunities to teach strategies for road safety awareness.
  • Establish safe pedestrian behaviours.
  • Develop healthy exercise habits.
  • Develop confidence in travel planning.
  • Improve awareness of child’s local environment.
  • Improve visibility of your child if you are familiar with community members along your child’s walking route.
  • Assist with formulating rules for protective behaviours.
  • Provide opportunities to explore solutions to unanticipated challenges such as; being caught in the rain or leaving something at home.

When walking to school, make sure you and your child remember to:

  1. Stick together.
  2. Be visible.
  3. Don’t do it alone. There is safety in numbers!
  4. Choose the safe route and practice in all conditions.
  5. Know where to go if you need help, assistance or even a toilet stop.
  6. Discuss stranger danger.
  7. Go over the phone numbers your child may need to know (emergency, parent, relative/friend, school).
  8. Prepare for all types seasons and weather.
  9. Be sure they are not overwhelmed (i.e. child’s back pack weight).
  10. Prepare for changes.
  11. State guidelines regarding walking to school alone
  12. Don’t tune out – STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

Join us in participating in:

NATIONAL WALK SAFE TO SCHOOL DAY on Friday 19th May, 2017!

This is a community event aiming to promote road safety, healthy walking habits, public transport and the environment. It is supported by all State, Territory and the Local Australian Government. Head to their website  to find out more information!