School screenings

WizeTherapy acknowledges the importance of identifying motor, communication, and social-emotional delays to ensure children receive supports that reinforce the foundations of learning. The years from birth to age five have been identified as the most important developmental period during childhood. Research shows that brain development in early childhood lays the foundation for emotional wellbeing, social competence, language and literacy development and cognitive abilities, influencing child well-being and daily function. WizeTherapy supports a screening service for schools from kindergarten to year 1 and beyond to ensure schools and families can make informed choices about the supports their child receives.

Screenings assist with the early identification of children at risk of developmental delays whilst providing direction should your child require further assessment. Families and teachers supporting children during their schooling years may use screening information to develop support strategies so little concerns don’t become bigger problems.

School led screenings can be delivered in a variety of ways. If your school of early learning facility is interested in learning more about our screening services, you may contact Jodie Kariyawasam, our Executive Manager of Operations and Development, who will discuss our screening packages for schools.

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If we sound like the right provider for your school, please contact our Executive Manager of Operations and Development, Jodie Kariyawasam, on 08 9317 7932 or at