Our Values

WizeTherapy has five values which underpin who we are and are our guiding posts in all that we do. These values are Quality, Integrity, Partnership, Innovation and Diversity.


This value reflects our aim to deliver support services that are of the absolute highest quality for you and your family. We only provide contemporary evidence-based support services which are best suited to your family’s goals. At WizeTherapy, we employ highly-trained staff members who all share in a love of life-long learning and continuous improvement.


We are grateful to the families who have chosen us to walk alongside them, and to support them in their journey. We get joy from our work with others and look forward to creating meaningful and productive partnerships with your family, and all of the other important people, service providers and agencies in your life. We enjoy working together with day-cares, schools, community clubs, and other medical or service providers to get the greatest benefit for your child.


We know that every family is unique, every child is unique and every situation is unique. One therapy tool, technique or service delivery approach does not suit every family or child. We aim for our support services to be as innovative as possible, as unique as you are, and to be the perfect fit for your family’s needs and goals. We love to think creatively, and being a smaller provider, have the ability to be more flexible to your family’s needs.


We acknowledge and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and individual strengths, skills and attributes of the staff, clients and families at WizeTherapy.  We take the time to understand the values and culture of all individuals, with the same high level of respect for all. We ensure all aspects of our support services are accessible, respectful and responsive to all families regardless of their economic, social, educational, cultural, linguistic and religious/ spiritual backgrounds.


This means we highly value your trust in us. It means doing what we say we will do, and when we say we will do it. WizeTherapy is true to our mission of helping children and families achieve their potential and it is this aim that drives everything we do.

Contact Us

If we sound like the right provider for your family, please complete our online referral form or contact our friendly administrative team on 08 9317 7932 for more information.