Disability Services - Pricing


WizeTherapy undertakes careful and ongoing consideration in regard to the cost of our disability therapy services. We have reviewed the NDIS Price Guide, and the costs involved in providing a comprehensive and sustainable disability service, and endeavour to be transparent with our services.

WizeTherapy’s disability support services are charged at an hourly rate of $193.99.

What did we consider when deciding our hourly rate?

Your Team

We employ experienced and skilled Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Assistants and Administration Officers who are ready to work with our families in achieving their goals. A fair and equitable wage is important for retaining our staff.


We foster relationships and partnerships with complementary providers in our surrounding communities, including Psychologists and Dietitians, to assist our families in achieving their goals.


We maintain our NDIS registration by participating in regular audits and ongoing monitoring of quality and safety standards.


We ensure that our clinics and therapists are fully equipped with up-to-date assessments, equipment and therapy resources.


We provide supervision, internal and external training to our therapy team to ensure they meet the quality and safeguarding requirements of NDIS and maintain a high-level of contemporary, evidence-based practice.


We have administration and organisational costs include invoicing, following up payments, ordering equipment and managing new referrals.


We have ongoing rent, maintenance, and utilities costs for our three clinic locations.

What Makes WizeTherapy Different?

We choose not to charge for any of the following;

Child or Parent Illness

We understand that families face many challenges when it comes to managing appointments, with illness, busy schedules and caregiver work commitments impacting on this. In order to meet our expenses and sustain our business, we unfortunately do need to charge for cancellations in some situations (less than 2 business days’ notice). This is significantly less than what the NDIS pricing arrangements allow (billable cancellations within 7 days’ notice). We will also go out of our way to offer an alternative service such as a phone call, zoom session, completing indirect supports such as home programs and reports, or rescheduling within the week. If we can book another client into the appointment time slot, we will not charge the cancellation. Please see your service agreement for further information.


We understand the importance of providing contextual therapy support services, and love the many benefits of working with your family at home and within your local community. WizeTherapy has chosen not to pass on transport costs associated with mileage to families.

Liaison Time

We understand the importance of working with all of the other significant people, service providers and agencies in your life. We enjoy collaborating and working together with day-cares, schools, community clubs, and other medical or service providers. WizeTherapy has chosen not to charge for any liaison under 10 minutes.

Contact Us

If we sound like the right provider for your family, please complete our online referral form or contact our friendly administrative team on 08 9317 7932 for more information.