School services

Supporting Schools & Students

WizeTherapy values the partnerships we have with schools and the supports we provide to students, learning support staff and teachers. School based services can look different for each of our partner schools as we flexibly respond to the needs and strategic direction of your school.

It is not uncommon for Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists to deliver therapy support to students attending school. Linking staff, students and families into therapy supports can be facilitated most efficiently when the therapy provider is known to staff, families and the therapist is connected to the school community. WizeTherapy acknowledges the value of having ready access to information and supports within the child’s learning environment.

On occasion, a student or family may choose to engage in a service outside of school. In the event that clinic-based appointments are preferred, WizeTherapy can facilitate the scheduling of clinic-based appointments whilst maintaining approved communications with the family and teaching staff.

Professional development workshops, resourcing, service development, coaching and direct therapy services including assessment and implementation of therapy services are some of the services WizeTherapy can provide. WizeTherapy may also assist with the coordination and communication of school-based therapy supports to families. As a registered NDIS provider, WizeTherapy can support direct individualized, or group therapy supports privately or with NDIS plan funding. School based services may also be financially supported by the school where school-based services are budgeted with the school’s fee schedule.

If your school is interested in school-based services, we encourage you to contact Jodie Kariyawasam, our Executive Manager of Operations and Development so we may best understand the service that your school is seeking.

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If we sound like the right provider for your school, please contact our Executive Manager of Operations and Development, Jodie Kariyawasam, on 08 9317 7932 or at