Private services - The First Steps

Private Services - The First Steps

Our private services may assist if you have concerns regarding your child’s development in any area such as their communication, play, self-care, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, attention or regulation. You can self-refer by calling us or completing our online referral form.

Initial conversation

If you already know what you need and we have the supports available, our reception team may be able to offer you the next available appointment with the therapist/s matching your need. If you are not sure what support services you would like, we will put you in touch with your local Therapy Services Manager. Your conversation with your local Therapy Services Manager can be in person or over the phone. The aim of this conversation is to provide you with information about us and to find out what supports you are seeking for your child. This helps us to work out if we’re the right provider for your family. 

Are we a match?

Once we have determined that we are a good match, we will commence the process of setting up supports for your family.

Then we book in supports and start achieving your goals as a team!

Contact Us

If we sound like the right provider for your family, you can complete our online referral form or contact our friendly administrative team on 08 9317 7932 for more information.