Disability Services - THE FIRST STEPS

Disability Services - The First Steps

WizeTherapy has been providing quality disability support services for children and their families since 2009, and we have been a registered NDIS provider since 2014. We use a comprehensive family-centred approach to support you and your child to achieve your chosen outcomes and live your best life.

Initial conversation

Your first contact with us is usually an informal discussion with your local Therapy Services Manager. This can be in person or over the phone. The aim of this conversation is to provide you with information about us and to find out what supports you are seeking for your child using their NDIS plan funding.  This helps us to work out if we are the right provider for you.

Are we a match?

Once we have determined that we are a good match, we will commence the process of setting up supports for your family.

Review your NDIS plan

We will request to either see a copy of your current NDIS plan or ask you for some specific details of your plan. We will use these details to understand what supports are included in your plan and to write up a service agreement.  We can also help you interpret your plan if needed.

Discuss and sign your service agreement

We will then provide you with a service agreement to sign and return. This agreement provides important information about your rights and responsibilities. It also details the capacity-building supports we are committing to provide as directed by your plan, how much they cost, the breakdown of direct and indirect supports, and what to do if you need to cancel an appointment.

Meet your Key Worker

We can then commence with therapy supports! Your first visit with WizeTherapy is usually a meeting with your Key Worker (i.e. your main contact therapist). At this meeting, we will talk about your child, your priority goals and how we can achieve them together!


Following your meeting with your Key Worker, therapy assessments will be organised based on the areas you have identified for support.

Confirm your goals and make a plan

Following the assessments, you will meet with your Key Worker to discuss the results and decide which goals you want to work on first. Your Key Worker will discuss options for service delivery that will suit your child and your family, and you will create a plan for the next 6 or 12 months of therapy support services.

Book in your supports and start achieving your goals as a team!

Our therapists aim to use a “Phased” approach to therapy support. This means we work with you in a flexible manner through periods of more and less intensive supports. Support is provided at critical stages of development but most importantly we allow for periods of consolidation of skills and participation in the real-world activities. This way, we can see when your child has truly achieved the outcomes we are aiming for.

Contact Us

If we sound like the right provider for your family, please complete our online referral form or contact our friendly administrative team on 08 9317 7932 for more information.