Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy team has specialised skills in the following areas:

  • Prescription and use of Assistive Technology (adaptive equipment)
  • Sensory and emotional Regulation
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Interoception
  • Visual perception and visual motor skills
  • Cognitive skills (learning and remembering)
  • Minor environmental modifications and access
  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Mealtime Management and Restrictive Eating
  • Developing independence in self-care (including dressing, toileting and sleep)
  • Prewriting and handwriting skills
  • Play and social skills
  • Tween and Teen specific issues

Specialised Training

Our Occupational Therapy team has specialised training in the following therapy approaches/ programs:

  • Alert Program for Self-Regulation: How Does Your Engine Run?
  • Zones of Regulation
  • QiGong Sensory Massage
  • Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance (Co-Op). A therapy approach for cognitive function development.
  • Perceive, Recall, Plan, Perform (PRPP). A system of task analysis and therapy approach for cognitive processing and function.
  • Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) and Bimanual Therapy
  • SOS Approach to Feeding

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